Sonntag, 15. April 2012

Sonntag &

Ich sollte meinen üblichen schlichten Sonntagsbericht vielleicht doch nicht vorenthalten, obwohl es nicht so aufregend war. Immerhin konnte man bei diesem zähen Frühlingsbeginn wieder einmal draußen dinieren, „dinieren“, nun ja. Kotelett hat eine Tendenz zum zäh werden, jedenfalls, wenn ich es zubereite. In Kürze: Kotelett angebraten und noch weiter im Ofen gegart auf Zwiebeln, Thymian, Rosmarin und Salbei. Zur Sauce aus dem Fond kam saure Sahne. Dazu Bohnen mit brauner Butter. Eigentlich war es erträglich. Als Zugabe ein paar Bilder von der Terrasse.

Maybe I shouldn’t deny the simple usual Sunday dinner report, though it wasn’t that exciting. After all, we could enjoy it again outdoors at this slow improving spring, well more or less. Chop has a tendency to be tough, certainly if I cook it. In short: cutlet fried and then braised in the oven on a bed of onions, thyme, rosemary and sage. For the sauce sour cream was added to the gravy. Then beans with brown butter. Actually, it was bearable. I added a few pictures from the terrace as well.

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naturgesetz hat gesagt…

I regret that I've been preoccupied with other things and have let some time go by without commenting on your posts. But I'll offer the suggestion that perhaps if the cutlets were in more liquid during the braising, they might end up more tender.

The piece on the last Empress of Germany is interesting. I don't think I'd ever heard of her, unless in a very brief mention. Charity toward the poor is one of the characteristics of a good monarch, and there are several saints who were canonized for such generosity. Margaret of Scotland comes immediately to mind.