Sonntag, 17. Juli 2011

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Mein Verhältnis zu Fisch ist heikel (ich mag keine Gräten z.B.), meiner Standardgerichte war ich aber eher überdrüssig geworden. Also etwas Neues - die Beschreibung in Kurzfassung (mit einem Dank an die Fischfrau): Mohrrüben, Zwiebeln, Sellerie und Porree wurden in Butterschmalz angedünstet, das alles kam in eine Bratenpfanne zusammen mit Dill, Rosmarin und Thymian - zuoberst ein großer halber Lachs und ein ebensolches Stück Wels - in den Backofen, auf den gepfefferten und gesalzenen Fisch hatte ich Butterstücke gelegt.

Bei 200 °C war alles nach ca. 1/2 Stunden fertig, zwischendurch habe ich es kräftig mit Weißwein begossen. Selbst meine leicht mißvergnügte Frau Mutter gestand zu, daß es im Ganzen ganz hervorragend herausgekommen war (nur daß sie kein bißfestes Gemüse mag).

My relationship with fish is tricky (I like no fish bones e.g.), but I became somewhat tired of my usual meals. So something new - the description in a nutshell (with thanks to the Fish Woman): carrots, onions, celery and leeks were sautéed in clarified butter, it all came in a roasting pan along with dill, rosemary and thyme – on the top a large half salmon and a similar piece of catfish - in the oven, on the peppered and salted fish I placed some pieces of butter, at 200 °C it was all done in about 1/2 hours, in between I watered the whole thing with some white wine. Even my slightly discontented mother admitted that it had come out quite well (just she doesn’t like vegetables al dente).


naturgesetz hat gesagt…

I'm glad at least the fish was to your mother's liking. Maybe next time you could give the vegetables some time alone in the oven before you add the fish — or saute them a bit longer. The problem may be, though, that carrots don't soften unless they're in liquid. Perhaps it would help if you added a bit of the wine while the veggies are in the oven, before adding the fish. Or maybe you could cut the carrots a bit thinner.

I was going to tell you about my Sunday evening dinner, and I was going to begin by remarking that if you wanted to do something similar, it would probably have to be on a Saturday, since the Sunday roast seems sacred (note the allitteration). But just in time to avoid that comment, you've gone and cooked some fish on Sunday! Yay!

I may have mentioned what I like to do with shrimp. I buy large frozen raw shrimp, which I thaw in water and pull off the shells. I sprinkle them with Old Bay Seasoning (salt and mild paprika are the principal ingredients) and dried chervil. I saute onion or leek in olive oil with dried oregano (and green pepper and mushrooms if my brother isn't here) adding garlic just before the shrimp. Then I saute the shrimp about five minutes on each side. Meanwhile I also cook tri-color rotini, timing it to be finished at the same time as the shrimp, and I put some store-bought alfredo sauce on the rotini.

I had no garlic so I sprinkled garlic powder on the onion after it was sauteed and on the shrimp before I put them in the pan, Since my brother was here, there were no mushrooms or green pepper, but I had some leftover canned tomatoes, so I cut up a couple of them and added them with a good sprinkle of dried basil just before the shrimp. My brother liked the result, and so did I. I also boiled some frozen green beans, which made a nice addition.

A week ago, a lady I encountered in a restaurant recommended cooking the shrimp for about five minutes in a 350°F (175°C ?) oven. I had planned to try that — coating them with the saute mixture and putting it all in the oven — but I forgot to heat the oven, so it was stovetop as usual.

DirkNB hat gesagt…

Der Fisch sieht sehr ansprechend aus, die Idee vermutlich genauso simpel wie lecker. Wie eigentlich jede gute Idee. ;-)
Was mich wundern würde, wäre die reine Nörgelei an der Bissfestigkeit, fehlen doch eigentlich zwei Klassiker an diesem Essen: Soße und Sättigungsbeilage. ;-)

DirkNB hat gesagt…

Ich muss mir angewöhnen, auch hinter den englischen Teil zu schauen ... Da war dann das Gesamtbild mit Soße und Kartoffeln. :-(

MartininBroda hat gesagt…

@DirkNB Tut mir leid, wenn ich so furchtbar spät reagiere, ja, mit Dank an die Fischfrau, das war eine ziemlich gelungene Veranstaltung! Das Enlisch am Sonntag ist übrigens ein Rudiment meiner Bemühungen um fremdländische Leser... :)

MartininBroda hat gesagt…

@naturgesetz Oh it was only the leek part that was maybe too much “al dente” and only a bit, the vegetables came out indeed great and tasteful. Let’s say my mother comes from a time where most people believed that vegetables, if ever used, have almost to cook to porridge.

I’m sorry for my late reply (& there are some comments more I know), but I was - even when I not answered - thankful for your detailed advice and your shrimp recipe (it’s already saved).