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poorly translated

Der erklärende Text zu diesem leicht mißglückten Hackbraten im Blätterteigmantel folgt etwas später (in geschätzt 2 Stunden)...

Es sind natürlich mehr als 2 Stunden geworden. Also ich hatte die grandiose Idee, den o.g. Hackbraten zu versuchen. Damit ich frei experimentieren konnte, hatte ich meiner Frau Mutter ein paar Stücke Hähnchenbrust zugestanden (geschmort auf Zwiebeln, Thymian, Oregano und Rosmarin, ganz nett aber eben schon eher des öfteren ausprobiert). In Kürze, Hackfleisch gemischt mit zerkleinerten Zwiebel- und Paprikastücken, Eiern, etwas Semmelmehl, Ketchup, gehacktem Thymian und Oregano. Das Ganze in Blätterteig eingehüllt und in den Ofen. Fehlt da nicht etwas, oh ja - der Klassiker! Salz und Pfeffer. Fiel mir leider erst ein als alles schon so schön verpackt war. Vermutlich weil ich zugleich Mohrrüben, Porree und Zwiebeln schmorte und ständig Salz und Pfeffer in der Hand hatte, nur ausgerechnet hier hatte ich es vergessen. Ich wollte es dann auf dem Teller nachzuwürzen, aber das geht nicht wirklich. Ansonsten wäre es perfekt gewesen.

I promised to add the explanation of this unsuccessful meatloaf within 2 hours, but well promises. So I had the great idea to try this meatloaf. So I could experiment freely, I cocked a few pieces of chicken breast for my mother too (stewed with onions, thyme, oregano and rosemary, nice but I tried it frequently). Briefly - minced meat mixed with onion and bell pepper pieces, eggs, some breadcrumbs, ketchup, chopped thyme and oregano. The whole thing wrapped in puff pastry and into the oven. Isn’t there something missing, oh yes - the classic! Salt and pepper. Unfortunately I only noticed it when all was wrapped already nicely. Probably because I also braised carrots, leeks and onions and had salt and pepper constantly in hand, only just here I had forgotten it. I wanted to add something on the plate, but that’s not really working. Otherwise it would have been perfect


naturgesetz hat gesagt…

In my country we don't put hard boiled eggs in meat loaves. At least I never heard of it, but the recipe which the soup kitchen wants is to use has raw eggs as one of the ingredients. It also adds bread crumbs.

Yours sounds good. The puff pastry is an interesting idea. Perhaps you could call it Meat Loaf Wellington.

Did your mother sample it?

MartininBroda hat gesagt…

Thank you for your continuous attention. As I said before, there are different meatloaf recipes here, and this by the way was my own creation. Why Wellington? And yes to my surprise she liked it.

naturgesetz hat gesagt…

Meatloaf Wellington is by analogy to Beef Wellington.

"From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Beef Wellington.

Beef Wellington, cut open.
Beef Wellington is a preparation of fillet steak coated with pâté (often pâté de foie gras) and duxelles, which is then wrapped in puff pastry and baked. Some recipes include wrapping the coated meat in a crêpe to retain the moisture and prevent it making the pastry soggy.
A whole tenderloin may be wrapped and baked, and then sliced for serving, or the tenderloin may be sliced into individual portions prior to wrapping and baking. Many spices may be added to enhance the flavour; some examples are curry, allspice, any grilling mix or ginger." …
"'Wellington' is sometimes informally used to describe other dishes in which meat is baked in a puff pastry; the most common variations are sausage Wellington, lamb Wellington and salmon Wellington."

There's a bit more, including some pictures at the Wiki article,
but I think I've given you the essentials.

MartininBroda hat gesagt…

Thank you for helping my ignorance :)