Sonntag, 3. Juli 2011

Trüber Sonntag

poorly translated

Bei 93% Luftfeuchtigkeit erscheinen einem selbst 18°C als nicht unbedingt kühl, so daß also auch das heutige Sonntagsessen auf der Terrasse stattfand, in einer etwas gespenstischen Stimmung. Dafür war das Gericht reichlich profan, Hähnchen, geschmort auf Zwiebeln mit ein paar Kräutern (Thymian, Oregano, Rosmarin). Dazu Bohnen mit gebräunter Butter. Meine Frau Mutter hatte sich ihren Gurkensalat gemacht (mit Essig und Zucker). Dies nur kurz vermeldet, da es schon etwas später geworden ist.

Gloomy Sunday

At 93% humidity even 18°C not necessarily appear cool, so we were eating our Sunday meal on the terrace again, in a slightly spooky atmosphere. To compensate this, the dish was plain and conventional, chicken, braised with onions with a few herbs (thyme, oregano, rosemary). And beans with browned butter. My mother had made her usual cucumber salad (with vinegar and sugar). This is reported only briefly since it has become a bit late.


naturgesetz hat gesagt…

Nice to see your grandmother's embroidery again.

I was supposed to dine al fresco today. Some neighbors decided to revive the tradition of a cookout for the people on my street — after a lapse of maybe eight years. But our moist air produced rain. So the cookout is postponed for a week, and I'll have to cook the food at home. Maybe it's just as well. I had tried to make some clam dip to bring, and it is too liquid. By next week I should be able to come up with something better.

Word verification: dowses — an interesting selection for humid weather. Dowsing is a method of hunting for underground water with a small forked branch.

MartininBroda hat gesagt…

That's called "Wünschelrute" in German. Indeed yesterday I had to read from people who live in your area you had the same humid weather. Well the spooky aspect was a bit interesting, but unfortunately I have a problem with extrem humidity. Thanks for your constantly commenting, you know how much I appreciate this.

Jason Shaw hat gesagt…

Looks amazing