Sonntag, 28. August 2011

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Eine Wiederholung, die diesmal wunderbar herausgekommen ist, nur leider ohne aktuelle Bilder (von dem freundlichen Kamerahersteller K. bekam ich die freundliche Mail, daß man sich für mein Verständnis bedanke, wenn die gerade ausverkaufte Kamera erst später geliefert werden könne, wie schön für ihn, daß sie bereits bezahlt ist, und ich kann mich auch nicht erinnern, irgendwelches Verständnis geäußert zu haben).

Es sah etwa so aus wie dort oben (als ich das Rezept das erste Mal ausprobiert hatte), vielleicht kann ich die Bilder noch nachliefern, da meine alte Kamera noch halbwegs funktioniert, aber eben nur halbwegs. Lachs auf einem Bett aus angedünstetem Wurzelgemüse (Mohrrüben, Zwiebeln, Sellerie und Porree), die Kräuter dazu diesmal Rosmarin, Oregano, Thymian und Estragon (letzteres war neu), auf den gepfefferten und gesalzenen Fisch hatte ich wieder Butterstücke gelegt und das Ganze nach einer Viertelstunde kräftig mit Weißwein begossen. Es ist kurios, aber der Lachs ist in der Tat ziemlich genau nach 30 Minuten durch, man muß da wirklich aufpassen, haben wir diesmal gemacht und das Ergebnis war, und ich lobe mich selten, wie eingangs bereits erwähnt.


I cooked something again that this time came out wonderfully, but unfortunately no current pictures again (from the friendly camera manufacturer K. I got a kind email about how grateful they are for my understanding the currently sold-out camera could not be delivered until later, how nice it’s already paid, and I can’t remember I’ve mentioned any understanding).

It looked more or less like this up there (when I tried the recipe the first time), maybe I can deliver some actual pictures later since my old camera still works somehow, but only halfway. Salmon on a bed of sautéed root vegetables (carrots, onions, celery and leek), the herbs this time - rosemary, oregano, thyme and tarragon (the latter was new), the peppered and salted fish got small pieces of butter on top and after fifteen minutes the whole thing was drowned with white wine. It is funny, but the salmon is in fact almost exactly done after 30 minutes, one has to be really carefully therefore, we were this time and the result was, and I rarely praise myself, as already mentioned.

nachgetragene Bilder


naturgesetz hat gesagt…

Great that you followed up on your earlier success with the salmon and had such fine results.

I followed the link back to the earlier post and comments, and I notice that I failed to mention that before I put the seasoned salt and chervil on the shrimp, I sprinkle them with a little malt vinegar, and when they are in the pan, I add a small amount of white wine. I don't measure either, but I'd guess that it is about one tablespoon of vinegar, and no more than two or three tablespoons of wine. I'm sorry if you already tried the shrimp and they turned out wrong. Maybe I'll try it without the liquids some time. It could be okay.

My German is just good enough that I was able to get a good chuckle from "wie schön für ihn, daß sie bereits bezahlt ist, und ich kann mich auch nicht erinnern, irgendwelches Verständnis geäußert zu haben." The translation confirmed that I had understood it correctly.

naturgesetz hat gesagt…

BTW, did you find that the herbs this time were better than the dill? I always use dill with salmon and find it quite good.

MartininBroda hat gesagt…

There is one single reason I haven’t tried the shrimp recipe already – my mother has a not that short list of things she dislike, shrimps are included. But maybe I will try it just for myself sometime and she will have to eat something boring then.

I do not begrudge you your laughter but it’s really an annoying issue, at least your German is improving obviously.

To be honest I simply had no dill but there is a big bush of tarragon in the garden (I think you can use both for fish), but it’s, you've probably guessed it, on the list as well. "Coincidentally" my mind missed this point and so I told her after she complimented the dish. I think I’ve shorten that list already a bit.