Sonntag, 2. Oktober 2011

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Was für ein merkwürdiger Moment, wenn die Zeiten so durcheinandergeraten. Wir haben längst Herbst, es fühlt sich aber an wie ein übertrieben warmer Spätsommer, der komplett ausgefallen war, nebenbei bemerkt, nun gut. Dieser zu erwartende kurze Report: Meine Frau Mutter wollte gerne Schweinerouladen, also bekam sie welche, diesmal, als ich hinzukam, hatte sie ihr Rezept insoweit verändert, daß sie die Gurken weggelassen hatte (ihre Füllung bestand üblicherweise aus Speck, Zwiebeln und Gurken) Fehler! Dafür hatte sie die grandiose Idee (aus dem Fernseher), der Sauce Senf hinzuzufügen, davon kann ich nur abraten. Es war mühsam, dieselbe mit verschiedenen Tricks wieder zu retten. Aber um kurz das Grundrezept erklären, die Fleischstücke werden, mit o.g. Füllung versehen, zusammengerollt, angebraten und dann für etwa eine Stunde geschmort. Es war ein unerwartet angenehmer Tag übrigens.

What a strange moment watching times getting confused. We have already autumn, but it feels like an extremely warm late summer, which had failed completely, by the way, well. The expected short report: My dear mother wanted pork rolls, so she got some, this time. When I joined I saw she had changed her recipe omitting the cucumbers (the filling usually consisted of bacon, onions and cucumbers). Fail! But she had the great idea (obviously from TV) to add mustard to the sauce, which I can only disadvise. It was tedious to save it with different tricks (luckily having her outdoors). But to explain briefly the basic recipe, the pork with the above provided filling, rolled, seared and then braised for about an hour. It was an unexpectedly pleasant day by the way.


naturgesetz hat gesagt…

Using cucumbers in the filling surprised me. Not that it's something I cook, just that I would not have imagined cucumbers as an ingredient — maybe celery along with the other things. But it must be good or it wouldn't be part of the recipe.

Normally, I'd have thought that a bit of mustard would go well with pork, but I guess this just wasn't a compatible recipe for it. Lucky that you managed to rescue it somehow.

I thought there were potatoes in the background of one of the pictures, but none are on your plate.

At the moment I have chicken thighs in the oven, baking in a sauce which started with a can of condensed cream of shrimp soup. I added a splash of sherry, about half a can of milk and cream, a few drops of tabasco, chervil, and the inevitable mild paprika. The chicken was seasoned with more paprika, pepper, and seasoned salt. I sliced three carrots to make the level of the liquid deeper, and dusted them lightly with ground thyme. The sauce inspired me to thaw four shrimp and cut them up and add them to the dish before I put the sauce over all.

Thanks for the earlier post about St. Michael and the other angels. Our calendar mentions Gabriel and Raphael as well, and on October 2 (when it isn't a Sunday) we have a memorial of the Guardian Angels.

Enjoy the warm weather while it lasts.

MartininBroda hat gesagt…

It was pickled cucumber & indeed it’s a traditional recipe. To be honest as a child I despised the filling, maybe because it looked so ugly. Nevertheless it’s good for the sauce. This time my mother was nearly ready cocking when I arrived (maybe I mentioned already she was complain a bit missing the dishes she is used too, so this time she got her chance), unfortunately she “forgot” the cucumbers & added the mustard (simply too much of it), but since I always make the sauce (& cook the vegetables) it could be saved (added some cucumber water etc.).
Well I try not to eat that much, and since I’m not a big fan of potatoes I usually only try a bit to proof the sauce again. Obviously you really like shrimps :), it sounded interesting.
Indeed I could have mentioned Gabriel and Raphael as well, but it was already too long for my taste.
The weather was surprisingly wonderful over the last days, it’s just changing this moment. Thanks for your wishes und please excuse this late reply.